Our Genesis and Oasis float tanks

Our Genesis and Oasis float tanks

What is a float tank?

A float tank (also called a sensory deprivation tank) is a large 8' x 6' tub of water filled with Epsom salt. You may have heard of using a cup or two of Epsom salt at home in your tub to help ease sore muscles. Well... imagine using about 2000 times that amount! Our tanks are filled with 1,000 pounds of medical-grade Epsom salt, which makes you less dense than the water (which is why you float)! The pain relief and relaxation your body feels is profound, and to some, is more beneficial than receiving a massage or practicing yoga.

The tank has a lid on top (which you can leave open or closed depending on your comfort level) to aid in the experience of relaxation. When the tank is closed, there is very little to no light inside the tank (unless you were in our Genesis model and chose to keep the interior light on) and the sound is heavily insulated. 

There is nothing that can replicate the unique environment of the float tank: you float on skin-temperature water (about 94 degrees) with very little to stimulate your senses. An experience of such few stimuli allows your brain to go into deep states of relaxation (theta waves) much faster than you would during sleep or any meditation session. 


Total Zen Float is a locally owned and operated business. We all believe in the benefits of floating and offer you the best possible environment to experience sensory deprivation!

We house two float tanks and provide everything you need for a great float: a loving environment, towel, earplugs, soap, and shampoo. We walk you through the process and give you personal tips that have helped us have great floats.

We also provide a unique style of yoga at our space: we never play pop music and the primary intention is to develop awareness, though physical fitness is a natural effect of consistent practice. Visit the yoga portion of our website to learn more about what we have to offer!