Floating Tips

Are you ready to take the plunge? Here are the top five things to remember for your first float:


1.     Relax your neck.

In the tank, you are essentially weightless. Yet, you might find that you are still holding tension in your body, particularly in your neck. Try completely relaxing into the epsom salt water, which fully supports your body and neck; no extra effort is required from you. Try to sink into the water as if sinking into a pillow-top mattress.


2.    There is no reason to be claustrophobic.

Some floaters worry about claustrophobia before their first float. Yet, you are completely in control of your environment and you can easily exit of the tank at any time. Because it is pitch black inside, you easily lose track of the walls of the tank around you. If you connect with a feeling of expansiveness inside the tank, you may find that the inside of the tank feels infinitely large rather than closed-in; almost as if you were standing on the edge of the galaxy looking into the vastness of outer space.  


3.     Resist the urge to get out of the tank

Some floaters report that 20 or 30 minutes into their first float, they get a feeling of impatience or otherwise feel the urge to stop the float early. Of course, you can get out of the tank at any time. However, it is recommended that you try to resist the urge to stop your float short. Try to relax into the moment and notice where the feelings of anxiety or impatience arise in your body, rather than succumbing to the urge to get out.


4.    There are lots of options for your hands

While floating on your back in the tank (the preferred floating position), your hands are free to move to wherever is comfortable. Some floaters like to leave them by their sides, place them on their belly or chest, or cup them behind their neck. Experiment with what is comfortable for you.


5.     Be careful not to get water in your eyes.

If you get water in your eyes, it will sting. Because it stings if you get water in your eyes, avoid scratching your face or otherwise dripping water from your arms into your eyes.

It is recommended that if you get water in your eyes, that you get out of the tank, rinse your eyes in the shower, and then get back in.


Now you are ready for your first float! We would love to hear about your experience and how these tips worked for you. Feel free to comment below.