Fox 35 News in the house!

Fox 35 news anchor Kimberly Wiggins came to Total Zen Float on Tuesday this past week to interview the gang and find out more about floating! It was a fun time. Check out some of the pictures:

The piece is set to air next month and we will keep you updated with more information. In the meantime, did you see the write-up in Orlando Magazine about us? There is a link to the article here.

The article explains the floating concept in simple terms:

The concept is simply floating in a tank void of sound and light. There’s a momentary feeling of claustrophobia when the tank door shuts, but co-owner Will O’Brien encourages customers feeling confined to “envision an infinite space in the darkness.” As a warm Epsom salt solution envelops your body, you’re soon unable to distinguish where your toes end and the water begins; as the brain and body calm, relaxation sets in. Imagine feeling suspended in a gravity-deprived state, much like a womb. The skin temperature solution of water allows the body to literally float, and the mind to float away.

If you haven't tried floating yet, its time! Word is clearly spreading about the benefits of floating, and all the media attention is a great sign of things to come.