Post-float recommendations

We've already posted a couple articles on the topic of floating. First we offered some general floating tips for beginners with our "Floating Tips" article.

Then we made some suggestions for our more seasoned floaters in our "Advanced Floating Tips" post.

So now that you are all caught up on what to do while floating, perhaps you've wondered what to do AFTER you float? Wonder no more, because we have some suggestions.

Floating is known to stimulate the creative centers in the brain. In fact, Float H.Q. in Portland decided to offer 150 local artists two free floats with the understanding that the artist would produce a piece after the second float. The results were so amazing that they published a book with the art and stories of the artists called "Artwork from the Void."


Maybe you aren't an artist, but you might still find its an enjoyable post-float exercise to express your experience through art. Two of our local floating customers collaborated together post-float to draw this picture:

Kelli Hastings and Sam Bourne's post-float drawing

Kelli Hastings and Sam Bourne's post-float drawing

Of course, there are lots of other ways to "decompress" after floating and to try and integrate the experience in your brain. You could try journaling. There is a journal available at Total Zen if you would like to sit in our waiting room and write after floating. Also, some floaters enjoy playing music just after a float. Or, you might find you want to just sit in silence. Yoga exercises are also recommended as they help to unite mind and body.

We'd love to hear about your post-float experiences! Please feel free to use the comments below!