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FREE Intro to Pranic Healing

At Total Zen Float, we are excited to welcome our friend Dan into our space to share his greatest love and passion - pranic healing!

What is pranic healing?
An advanced energy healing system that facilitates deep relaxation and vibrant health for both practitioners and recipients. 

What will this workshop consist of?
You will learn to facilitate healing for yourself and others. Various energy healing methods have been practiced throughout history by many cultures and have even found their way into many hospitals. Fundamental techniques to sense and direct healing energy will be shared. 

In this introduction, you will learn: 
~ Historical and modern day energy healing modalities
~ Applications of Pranic Healing—“What can be healed?” 
~ An introduction to the energetic anatomy
~ How to feel energy and its effects on your life
~ A breathing method for boosting your immune system and increasing your healing energy
~ A meditation technique called “The Meditation on Twin Hearts” for enhancing inner peace

Who is facilitating the event?
Dan Schmutz, M.S. 
Dan has been a devoted student of Pranic Healing for the past eight years, learning from Master Glenn Mendoza, M.D., and Master Stephen Co, two of the nine Master Pranic Healers in the world. Dan oversees operations of the Pranic Healing Center of Central Florida (across from Dandelion Communitea Cafe) to promote awareness of the benefits of energetic hygiene, meditation, and energy healing. Dan is a Certified Associate Pranic Healer and certified to teach GrandMaster Choa Kok Sui’s Pranic Healing Level 1, a fundamental course to facilitate self-healing and the healing of others

Why should I attend?
To learn how to accelerate healing in your body and...
Donations are greatly appreciated, though, as they help to support the Center for Pranic Healing in Orlando and the continued offering of events at Total Zen Float.

Call Total Zen Float at 407-960-4155 to reserve your slot (maybe book a float before or after!) or join the meetup event at: