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Words from our yogis:

"I began yoga in Fall 2015. I was in bad shape - hurting knees, shoulders and breathing problems. It is now the beginning of February 2016 and I am so happy with how much I have improved: I can breathe better. I am more flexible. I can get up and down easier. When I move, my body feels stronger and more toned. My muscles and tendons, which were like rocks, are softer. I can focus more. I am more mindful of how I sit in stand at work. I feel healthy, happy and hopeful. I am beginning to understand my body more. Yoga has made floating even better for me now. I can meditate and relax more easily. I love my yoga teachers - Brandi and Nicole! I am so blessed to have these people and this space in my life. Thank you for helping bring peace where there was previously pain, aches and stress. I am grateful that my body is being transformed into a mobile, strong, flexible, healthy body. This place has changed my life." -Christine W.

"I was drawn to Total Zen Float because of the laid-back atmosphere and grass roots feel of the place. When I first contacted them, I told them what I was looking for in a yoga practice - was a more authentic, personal, non-fitness based approach that took the spiritual aspects of the practice more seriously and did not play pop music during class. They said they could accommodate and they absolutely did. The yoga classes offered are small and very personal and can be tailored for each individual person's needs. Brandi is very knowledgable on many different styles of yoga, approachable, warm, and fun to practice with. She is creating her dream and living her yoga and her positive energy is infectious. Brandi also encourages everyone in the classes to introduce themselves and share what drew them to yoga. This helps to build more connection among people attending and helps build a deeper sense of community. Her style is more like a mutual journey into the practice, and she always seems in tune with my needs. I also enjoy talking yoga and consciousness philosophy with her and I enjoy that they offer the yoga studio for personal practice on Sundays.    5/5 stars to TZF for their individual and refreshing approach in an industry that has seemingly lost its way in our capitalistic society. I would recommend Total Zen Float for all your consciousness needs." - Jessica F.

"Prior to my first yoga class, I was very nervous. I do not consider myself very athletic and I was afraid of not fitting in or being able to do it. However, my pain management physician recommended it to strengthen my back (I have three bulging disks and spinal stenosis) and it was cheaper than physical therapy. I was so nervous in fact that I actually paid for other "newbies" to come with me, so I wouldn't chicken out. What did I find at TZF with Nicole's classes? A welcoming atmosphere, new friends, fun and no judgement. In just 9 sessions my back pain has improved to the point I can do some of the more challenging poses without discomfort, I have lost two pounds, I am sleeping better and most importantly, I feel stronger and more flexible. If I can do it, anyone can." -Christi H.

Words from our floaters:

"After several failed back surgery leaving me in severe pain relying upon narcotics to get through the day. Since my Float I have not had to take my pain medication for a day and a half after each Float. I'm receiving that much pain relief! Spiritually I can't even begin to explain how wonderful it is to be able to free your mind from your body and touch all that is and all there will be. I highly recommend this to anyone whether it's for well being whether it's for pain relief, psychic relief, or spiritual relief or for just one really cool experience. It is very difficult to put into words. Give yourself a gift for that hour or hour and a half - it's the best gift you'll ever give yourself!" - Jeri C.

"I had my first session today with TZF and loved it! I was able to easily book my session and got in the same day I called. I was a little nervous about the new experience, but Nicole explained everything before I started and put all my worries to ease. Great first session, great deals when you purchase the package, and great customer service! I will be recommending them to my clients and friends so everyone can enjoy this amazing experience!" - Jessica C.

"Ahhhmazing. My mind and body was totally refreshed and renewed after this meditative experience. I slept better than I have in years and highly recommend floating for chronic pain issues among many many others. I can't wait to go back!" - Gina C.

"Today was my second float and I'm already looking forward to my next one. Everyone is so friendly and helpful. The environment they have created here is amazing. It's nice to just sit and relax after your float in their waiting room. I recommend everyone try this at least once. Not to mention the benefits of long term use." - Erin L.

"The energy here is so welcoming, and healing. Of all the places I've been throughout my journey, nothing compares to the experience of Total Zen Float. I genuinely recommend anyone and everyone trying this as it can help you in so many aspects. Thank you to Will and everyone who has made this happen, words cannot express my gratitude." - Mandy R.

Words from one of the founders:

"There are not enough stars in the cosmos that can rate the experience of Total Zen Float's floatation tanks. Being an avid floater in the last 6 months has changed my life in so many ways i can't even put it in words. The benefits I have gained inside and out of the tank are limitless and I only see it getting better from here. This experience targets all aspects of life whether it be mind, body, or spirit. It has helped me gain a better relationship with myself. I never realized how important one hour to yourself without any exterior stimulation actually was. You really don't know yourself until you get in that tank. It is the best and most liberating experience I have had and I'm not sure anything else can top it. I don't need to go 1000 miles away for a vacation. I ride my car two miles down the street and hop in the tank. That is my vacation, and I'm sure it can be any of yours too. Floating is for everyone, and if you haven't tried it yet, please try it. I can't wait until you do!" - William O.